Helping agents connect with leads

Real Estate


Real estate agents thrive on lead generation and there are few apps that help the agents filter through the information and generate leads quickly. However, the data in these apps is often hard to view and process.


Is there a way to help the agents get to the important information faster? What would that look like? After picking an app as a starting point I set out to make this process more efficient.


Here is an image of a current real estate lead gen app. I based my case study around this app.


In order to better understand the user needs, I reviewed the focal app in person with real estate agents and gathered feedback from around the web. After reviewing the data I was able to identify two user goals that the majority of real estate agents had when using these apps. The goals were:


  1. They want to identify the most viable leads quickly

  2. They want the lead contact and turn that lead into a prospect right away


No need to reinvent the wheel. I decided to see how other companies had handled this problem. I started with the top rated apps and gathered data on usability comparisons from various real estate websites, social hubs, and even youTube videos.


I first created some wireframes to help visualize the user desires. I tested these presented these simple designs with agents in the area. These low fidelity mockups helped me to gather feedback from the users and run through some various layouts to figure out which ones worked best for the user.


The solution we settled on was based around 2 features: 1) giving agents the key information right away and 2) giving them the ability to contact or map those leads right from the app.